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Axion Yachts is a family business with 32 years of experience in yacht chartering and sailing, in Mediterranean sea.

Our fleet includes 6 branded, private monohull sailing yachts bareboat or skippered , you make the choice and we are here to offer you your best sailing vacation ever!
Our Base is in Alimos (Kalamaki) marina, in the area of Athens , with fast access to  Saronic gulf's idyllic islands, Argolic gulf, East Peloponnese coast and famous Cyclades islands in Aegean Sea.
Turquoise waters or dark blue waters, pebble beaches or sandy beaches, sleep cliffs or flat forests, colourful villages or blue and white only villages, busy marinas and ports or wild anchorage in quite bays, touristic attractions or barely habited islands.
Everything a sailor could wish, fairly close to Athens.

Our aim is to offer the best possible satisfaction from the first until the last moment of your vacation, while sailing with our yachts in the Greek seas. 
That's why we talk to each client personally. We focus on each charter crew separately and make sure to meet your special demands.
-Do you want to improve your sailing abilities or you don't have any experience at all?
We can provide you with one of our highly experienced skippers.
-Are there children on board?
We offer special safety standards with safety net installation and provision of kids' life jackets and life belts.
-Do you prefer a relaxed, easy going sailing trip with a spacious and easy to handle yacht OR you want a more adventurous trip?
Our staff will provide you with a well detailed briefing of any sailing destination and suggest to you specific itineraries for your sailing trip that will meet your special demands and preferances. Directions about navigation, anchorage, prevailing conditions will be given to you in every detail.

Our team works  the whole year through, to maintain our fleet in the best condition in order to meet all comfort and safety standards.
But what happens if something goes wrong and a problem arises during your sailing trip?
Our Base team will always be willing and available to advise you on a 24-hour basis.
But still if you cannot deal with a problem yourself, a member of our team or local authorised technicians will come to you and deal with the problem.

Contact us, let us inform you about the services provided and simply enjoy your vacation… 

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