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Base procedure.

Base Procedure.
-We would like to inform in advance our customers  about all the steps of the Base procedure.

-All our yachts will be delivered to our customers cleaned and sanitized.

-Upon your arrival at Alimos base we will inform you about your check-in time. It is imperative to inform us in advance for your estimated time of arrival at the Base. 

- You are advised to bring few and small pieces of luggage and preferably of soft material that can be easily stored in the yacht's  lockers.

-On check in time,  only the charterer-skipper and the co-skipper will come to the yacht at pier 7.

A. Office paperwork:
Signature of documents and payment of extras . Time of procedure  15 minutes  approximately.
B.Procedure with base manager: The base manager will present the yacht to the charterer-skipper.  Procedure of one hour.

C.Boarding. After the end of the procedure with our base manager and the signature of the documents the rest of the crew will be allowed onboard the yacht with their luggage.

D. Provisioning. At this stage provisioning can be placed onboard. Customers are strongly advised to order provisioning on line and in advance of the charter. Please ask for further information if you are interested to order on line.
Alternatively there are super markets outside the marina and opposite  pier 7 (5 minutes walk). You can order provisioning and then arrange delivery to the yacht. Delivery of provisioning in front of the yacht is free of charge.

E. Final step. The charter manager will deliver to the charterer the  book of the yacht with all the documents of the yacht as well as  the charter party agreement and the crew list  ( signed and stamped by port office).  After this final stage the yacht has permission of sailing.

Any problem relevant to the yacht that may arise , must be immediately reported to the  Base manager.
We are 24 hours available for any advise and information needed.


On Friday afternoon, before  your return to Alimos marina , please inform us in advance (one hour before your arrival ) about your estimated arrival tiime.
After the berthing of the yacht the following procedure will take place.

  1. The professional diver will inspect the underwater part of the vessel.
  2. The fuel refilling of the yacht will take place.
  3. The base manager must step onboard for the first check . 

On Saturday morning and before the crew leaves the yacht:
-Plastic bags will be given to you by our staff. Place your laundry  either used or not into the plastic bags .  Leave the plastic bags with your laundry on the cockpit.
-Place all your litter from kitchen, bathroom etc. in plastic bags . Do not leave any food leftovers onboard. Discard these litter bags in the nearest litter bin in the marina or place them on the dock , in front of the yacht. Our staff will collect them for you.
-After your disembarkation only the charterer/ skipper must stay by the yacht and allow the base manager a reasonable time for the final inspection of the yacht.
-After the end of the Base procedure and confirmation from the Base manager that there is no damage or loss , the security deposit will be refunded .











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