What itinerary should I plan for one or two weeks charter? Where can I cruise?

The Saronic and Argolic Gulf areas are wonderful destinations and can offer an unforgettable one or two sailing weeks charter.
Located near Athens are well protected areas with mild winds, picturesque ports, beautiful quite bays to anchor and many historical monuments to visit.

Most known places are the islands of Aegina, Agkistri, Spetses, Hydra , Poros, as well as several mainland destinations such as Methana, Nafplio, Epidavros, Porto Cheli and Ermioni.
Our staff members could provide you with a well detailed briefing about these islands and mainland places. We can also provide you with a detailed itinerary according to the length of your charter and the areas you want to visit. 

If you wish to sail in Cyclades islands, then you should definitely not miss the chance to visiti Mykonos or Santorini. If you want to see these islands, you will need more than one weeks charter. A two or three week charter is more suitable for someone who wishes to explore both.

Mykonos is one of the best examples of the unique Cycladic architecture and a 'must' attraction for visitors. If you visit Mykonos you will also have the opportunity to get to Delos Island, which is very famous for its archeological sites. On your way to Mykonos you will also have the chance to visit the islands of Syros, Naxos, Paros and also Cape Sounio.

Santorini is considered to be the precious gem of the Aegean Sea. If you choose Santorini as your destination, keep in mind that because of the island's volcanic geology the water is too deep for anchoring. There is a marina on the southern end of the island, which is located at a small distance from the main village of the island.

You must also be aware that cyclades islands are located in the central Aegean sea, where the prevailing Notrh-East wind during summer (especially in July and August), called 'meltemi', could be quite strong, reaching 7 to 8 on Beaufort scale!

What if I want to cruise in the Ionian Sea?

If you wish to visit the Ionian Islands, starting your charter from Alimos marina, you will be required to go through the Corinth Canal. 
Crossing the Corinth canal is a beautiful and unique experience.
You should be aware that you must pay a fee to cross the canal and there can often be some delays waiting one's turn in order to go through the Canal, which can last a few hours. Allow a day for each way (getting through and then getting back).
The best-known Ionian Islands are Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, and Paxi. For that trip, a two or three week charter will be the most suitable in order to have enough time to enjoy your vacation.

What should I be aware of regarding fresh water, fuel, marinas and port authorities?

Fresh water is available in most ports and marinas. Sometimes fresh water provisioning may require a water truck.
In the islands, fuel provisioning can involve a tanker truck that is available on demand.
You may also be asked by port authorities to present them with your boat papers and crew list. You must always be willing to do so.
There is generally a very small fee to be paid for overnight berthing. Anchoring is free, but be careful in looking after your tender, since any damage or loss of equipment is your liability.

What if I want or need to hire a skipper?

The cost of hiring a skipper is 150 euro per day (plus food and beverages). Usually a skipper will require one's own cabin. Hiring a skipper is a good way to ensure you will efficiently use your sailing days. Our company will provide you with the most experienced skippers, speaking fluently the English language and having extensive experience in cruising the Greek Islands; carefully planning the itineraries you should follow.

What if I want to hire a hostess?

A hostess can be hired at a cost of 100 euro per day (plus food and beverages). A hostess will keep the yacht clean, cook, prepare snacks and drinks, look after the children and generally help you relax and enjoy even more your holidays.

What if a problem occurs?

What if a problem occurs? How do I deal with it?
When you arrive at our Base an analytical boat briefing will be given to you by our base manager. This will cover  all the operating systems of the boat including rigging, electrical system, water system, windlass, stove, dinghy and outboard, emergency systems.

Our base manager's  and office charter manager's cell phones will be given to you with a 24-hour access.

Should you face any kind of problem, you may contact us immediately.
We will  give you the best possible advise in order to overcome the problem.
However, if you are still facing trouble and you cannot deal with the problem yourself, someone from our base team or an authorised technician of our local network will be with you to deal with the problem.

Should I have charter insurance?

You are strongly advised to buy charter insurance, including charter deposit insurance .

Please contact us for further information, as there is a variety of insurance policies concerning your charter.

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